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Autore: esteban  Data di invio: 20/9/2018 22:15:35

Having actually moved about a gazillion times (and preparing to do it again), I promote, and dis-advocate a few of these recommendations: 1. Just fold completion of the packing tape over. This does not require any additional devices such as a toothpick which you will lose and then have to go find more toothpicks. Be prepared to poke yourself in unanticipated places with lost toothpicks (especially those ones on the flooring). 2. YOU NEED TO EMPTY YOUR BED ROOM CABINET! Reason # 1 - Clothing are heavy, and depending upon the strength of your cabinet, they will move around and possibly skew the drawers. This occurred to me with a cheaper cabinet. I was able to get it back together, which is good since I was a grad student and didn't have funds for another piece of furniture. 3. STILL, YOU HAD TO EMPTY YOUR BED ROOM CABINET! Reason # 3 - The clothes are still heavy and depending on the weight of your dresser, you will end up with a piece of furniture so insanely heavy it will be difficult to move. Especially if it has to go up stairs on someone's back (let's hope it's not yours). 4. I dis-advocate socks or other knit clothing items as packaging product. While they are soft, socks around large glasses stretch them out. This is great if you are a guy with big feet, but women socks will end up being unwearable. Likewise, you want to make sure whatever you cover your socks or other knitwear around is clean. My dad packed up boxes and boxes of dusty knickknacks utilizing his substantial collection of knit golf shirts. They were completely gross after being twisted around filthy objects, stretched out, and some had holes from the sharp edges of some of the objects. My mom was doing laundry for days after the move (I believe she ought to have made him do it). 5. I completely promote taking a photo of the back of your TV, and maybe drawing a diagram of it too. And labeling the cords. Makes hooking everything back up in the brand-new place sooooo much easier. I learned that lesson the hard way. 6. There is a factor you pack books in the SMALL boxes. Like clothing, they are heavy. Loading them in travel suitcases just works if you use a small suitcase. Otherwise, you end up with a leviathan of a bag that with wheels, you can only carry on flat surfaces and with an elevator. Depending upon the density of the books and quality of your bag, you may also end up destroying your travel suitcase. Load your clothes in them rather because it's exactly what they were made for. Best of luck movers!
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